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Get ready to push the boundaries of your imagination, buckle up for an adventure that will take you to far away corners of space and time. With mind-bending storylines and a wide range of artwork styles, our comics will transport you on a journey into the unknowable, yet familiar questions of existence. From epic battles to odd encounters with bizarre life forms, our sci-fi comics will leave you wanting more. What are you waiting for? Grab your best atomic desintegrator and dive into our comics!



Bad Trip

Amidst the infinite realm of possibilities, a naive space traveler finds themselves trapped and condemned to work a risky job to pay off a debt that shouldn't exist. In order to settle their debts, they are forced to undertake a perilous job that threatens their very existence. Join the nameless and grouchy protagonist, along with their intrepid coworkers, as they traverse the far reaches of existence and venture beyond the very boundaries of reality itself!


Destination Not Found

Like most days, today is not their day! Their client has died before paying up, forcing them to sell the package to whoever made the highest bid! As usual, this is a decision they will regret. The delivery point is a planet being overrun by creatures from the sublayer, and to make matters worse, a fleet of warships is hot on their trail!




Trillions of years, condensed into a single, mostly lonely life. Orbi is one of the good ones and, as such, is sick and tired of witnessing evil triumph. She serves as a member of the maintenance crew on the same ship as the nameless traveler and acts as the voice of reason among them. Unbeknownst to her, she is part of the biggest conspiracy that has ever existed, involving the Union that oversees the Multiverse, the nigh-omnipotent race of Zetareticulis, and the leaders of the Omnia corporation - her employers. Join her on a ride to discover what has happened to Orbi over all those years and what comes next!


Universe N/0

The collapse of universes due to the curse of war was a grim reality that occurred with alarming regularity and was viewed with cold indifference by the powers that be. Yet, amidst the infinite destruction and chaos, a singular universe's downfall defied all odds and triggered a series of events that would weave the fates of our protagonists into the eye of a multiversal storm.




Ghaks' life was one of poverty and violence, surrounded by danger and deception. He was a lowlife willing to do whatever it took to stay alive until he was sold to the Omnia corporation. Now, as a professional lowlife, he works in the investigation department and lives a life of poverty and violence. As if fate itself had intervened, he found himself in possession of a powerful artifact capable of shifting the balance of power across the Multiverse, which is a cruel reminder that nature has a twisted sense of humor.

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